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Professional Interior and Exterior WIndow Cleaning 

Professional interior & exterior window cleaning

We pride ourselves on offering professional service from start to finish. You can count on quality workmanship because our team prides itself on being safety conscious and taking great care of your property. We take pride in getting each job done with excellent attention to detail. We stick to the window of time we give you, so you are never waiting around for us to arrive. Whether you need your home windows cleaned or the windows of your business, we can help. We have all the equipment necessary to reach even the highest windows. Our services include cleaning and scrubbing the windows sills and ledges. 

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Exterior Window Cleaning with a Water Fed Pole System

Sound A Little Far Fetched?

How can only water be used to clean with out using any kind of soap? You will find the answers in this article. The quick explanation on how the Water fed pole system works is; the window and frames are scrubbed with a wet brush to loosen dirt and then rinsed with highly purified de-ionised water. Because the water is pure, it leaves no marks when it dries. You can think of it like the “spot free rinse” at the drive thru car wash, times 100. That’s the short version. The long version is as follows: The Technology behind it Water in its purest form (rainwater, depending on the pollution where you live) has zero Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in it. Purified water is well known to be a great cleaning agent for many applications such as cleaning clothes and taking showers. Those of you that have children more than likely have bathed your kids in purified water, and of course mix the baby formula in it as well. Pure mineral free water naturally wants to bond with minerals, dirt, and organic material. Its all part of the natural cycle that our planet produces. So when water passes through carbon, sediment and RO filters, then on to DI resin it is nearly as good as rainwater in purity (with regards to mineral and some chemicals that have been removed from the water).

When the water is purified, it is forced through hoses to a water fed pole delivery system. It travels up the pole, and to a brush. How the window gets clean, is by agitating the dirt on the glass. The water acts as the lubricant to break the bond between the dirt and the glass, and then when the glass is clean, a rinse is given so that all contaminants are rinsed away. The advantage of a water fed pole system is that it leaves windows, frames and mullions cleaner than with a squeegee, it removes more dirt from the grooves on window frames and it reaches windows in places too dangerous to put a ladder. No rental equipment is needed, bringing costs down. No personnel ever leave the ground keeping accidents to a minimum. Also Water fed pole systems can be used in the rain as rainfall will not re-activate any soap residue that causes white rain spots. Are any chemicals used during this filtration process? No. All filters contain natural elements such as salt, resin beads and carbon sediment and are environmentally safe. Can the water damage or stain my property or building? No. More damage is caused from pollution in the rain or atmosphere. The water is pure, with no contaminants it. It will not damage or stain your building in any way.


Have you found a better price from a competitor? No problem! As long as the competitor is properly licensed, insured, and carries a legitimate workman’s compensation policy, as we do, we will beat any other competitor’s estimate!