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Why should you Choose a Professional To Pressure Clean Your Home?

Job Done To Perfection

Sidewalks and driveways need to be cleaned with a surface cleaner (the round disc that looks like a floor buffer). This prevents streaks and marks from a standard pressure cleaning gun. Driveways, sidewalks, and patios will come out looking brand new and stay cleaner for a much longer time using the right chemicals and commercial grade pressure cleaning equipment.

Roofs are sensitive

There are different ways to clean roofs and a professional can help you decide which way is the best way to clean yours. Many homeowners who pressure clean on their own break tiles, cause leaks, and put too much pressure on your roof. These things can cause costly damage and the roof will eventually need repairs or replacement.

3 Types Of Roof Cleanings

Chemical | Pressure | Organic

1. Chemically Clean Your Roof

We suggest on an initial cleaning, chemically cleaning the roof. This is the best and safest way to rid the roof of all mold and algae. The bleach based chemical alongside some other ingredients ensure the roof is 100% cleaned and looks brand new. No pressure is put on the roof so this eliminates the concern of broken tiles and roof leaks. We also insure all landscape around the property. We are able to do this while most other companies do not because we pay special attention to it. By tarping all plants on the drip line and bagging the bottom of all gutter downspouts we are able to step the chemical from harming the plants. We also keep a guy on the ground during the entire process to ensure tarps stay covering the landscape and spraying freshwater to dilute any overspray of any sort.

2. Pressure Clean Your Roof

The second way we can clean a roof is by pressure cleaning it which is now somewhat the “old school” process. We still offer it as an option because some customers just don’t want the chemical and we understand that and cater and tailor to our customers needs. This process cleans the roof with pressure and water and nothing else.

3. Clean Your Roof With Organic Roof Wash

The third and newest way to clean a roof is with an organic roof wash. We hired a chemist to create the strongest roof cleaning solution while still saying safe for the environment and landscape. However, in all honesty it is not as strong and does not do as good of a job as the chemical cleaning so we suggest on the initial cleaning using the chemical or pressure and then being put on a maintenance program to have the roof organically washed every 6-12 months at about half the price of initial cleaning cost.

No matter what option you choose, please know Dan Ryan’s Pressure Cleaning has your and your property’s best interest at heart. We love taking pride in quality work.


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