Hiring a professional roof cleaning company is the best way to
protect your home from the South Florida weather and elements.


In South Florida mildew, moss, and algae grow on an abundance of surfaces, especially roofing tiles. A dirty surface is never appealing. Luckily, our chemical treatments restore your surface to its original look and protect from leaks and mold problems!

Algae grows whenever light, moisture, and heat are present. The spores grow quickly and visibly on the top surface of roofing tiles. A professional cleaning company will use a chemical treatment to rid the roof of the dirt and stop the algae spores from continual growth. This is the safest and best way to clean roof tiles.


Did you know that pressure washing a roof can drain it’s color? Instead of killing bacteria, you may end up with broken tiles and erosion. If you are planning for roof longevity, consult a professional roof cleaning contractor.

We recommend a minimal amount of foot traffic during the cleaning process, hence the need for a durable chemical solution. Roofing tiles are very delicate, and can be easily broken by walking across them. With a pressure washer, an individual will be required to walk on at least 90% of the roof. With a professional chemical roof cleaning, ladders and lifts will be utilized to ensure safety and efficiency.

Our professionals have the supplies and skills to keep your roof clean and unharmed.


Quick fixes may seem cheaper, but they are neither efficient nor cost effective. A chemical roof cleaning is 100% guaranteed to seep into the pores of the roof tiles completely killing the bacteria that cause the algae, mildew, and moss that we despise so much. This process gets to the root of the problem and it ensures a longer lasting and more effective cleaning.

The average professional chemical roof cleaning will last 3-5 years!

Once you have decided on chemical roof cleaning as the best way to keep your roof clean and enhance the visual appeal, make sure the company that performs the task of chemically cleaning your roof on your most prized possession MUST be licensed and insured along with professional references to show their quality of work!!


Have you found a better price from a competitor? No problem! As long as the competitor is property licensed, insured, and carries a legitimate workman’s compensation policy, as we do, we will beat any other competitor’s estimate!